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Boozhoo Niijii (Welcome Friend)

RainSong – Terry and Darlene Wildman

We hope you will enjoy visiting our website.

We made this site to better communicate who we are and the vision Creator has called us to.

We want to connect with those who share a similar vision and to provide resources and inspiration.

Sharing the Good News of Creator’s Son through our music and storytelling continues to be our passion and pleasure!

On the many pages here you will find us sharing our hearts and making the vision as clear as we can so that those who read can run with it!

Visit our First Nations Version Project page to learn about the Retelling of the Story of Jesus in the style of First Nations People. This is our current project!

You can purchase our Music and Books at our Webstore. Also First Nations style flutes are available, these are the same flutes Darlene plays on our CDs and live events.

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Please stay awhile and check out all our pages. Feel free to contact us and give us some feedback.

Watch our travel schedule on Our Calendar we might be coming near you.

If you would like us to come to your gathering, conference, powwow, or church group check out our Booking Guidelines. 

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Boozhoo… Welcome!


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