Ten Little Indians


Pastor Terry trying to look Dignified

Northport Indian UMC

Have you been wondering what RainSong has been up to lately? Lots! Terry, with the help of Darlene, is now the Pastor of Northport Indian UMC near Traverse City Michigan. We have settled into our home there, and are planting our feet in North West Michigan, to invest our lives in local ministry with a First Nations (Native American) community.

We recently introduced ourselves at the council meeting of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Each council member was given a gift, and we shared our desire to build a bridge of friendship between the Tribe and the Church. We were very well received and the video was posted on the tribal website. Pray for us as we continue this part of our journey of faith.

Ten Little Indians Do A Big Thing


First Nation Translators with Wycliffe Associates in Orlando Florida

As Rain Ministries we have also been deeply involved in a project that may touch the lives of millions of our First Nation/Native American people who live on Turtle Island (North America).

In September Ten Little Indians came together from ten tribes to launch this project. Navajo, Ojibwe, Kiowa, Potawatomi, Blackfeet, Wasco, Cherokee, Pawnee, Kalispel, and Creek were all represented. It was a great week of training, learning and translating.

We are now beginning the second phase of the FNV project. On November 1-14 a group of 10 to 12 First Nations people will come together in Calgary Canada for a two-week session. On the first week, half the group will meet to establish key words and terminology, then move into translating the Gospels. The second week the other half of the group will come and partner with the first group to move into Acts and the letters.

Here is a promotional letter explaining the project.

The First Nations Version Project

An exciting new Bible translation project has just launched—by First Nations People, for First Nations People!

Although it will be in English, it is unique—designed to touch the hearts of the seven million First Nations People living across North America. Many have lost the fluency of their mother tongue due to regrettable government assimilation policies, and now use English as their first language. Despite this loss, they have retained their traditional way of thought and speech through an oral story-telling fashion, with its simple beauty and profound imagery.

OneBook of Canada, with the help of Wycliffe Associates, is partnering with Rain Ministries of the US to develop the First Nations Version (FNV) of the New Testament. We seek to bring alive the good news of the Gospel in the style of the First Nations People and encourage them to integrate their Christian faith with their cultural world-view.

Our goal is to have 15 to 25 Native North Americans come together using a group method of translation that increases accuracy and church ownership while enhancing translation speed. Each participant in the translation process believes the Bible to be inspired by God and authoritative in the Church. To insure a high quality translation, the text produced will be checked and refined by one or more reviewing councils, that will include some who are proficient in Hebrew and Greek.

Distribution will be done through churches, Bible colleges, bookstores and online. Furthermore, a digital version of the FNV, for devices such as smartphones, will be produced, and an oral version is already in the planning stages.

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