News from the Good Road

Aanii (greetings) from Terry and Darlene Wildman.

We are still walking the Good Road with Jesus, and continue building local relationships as we Pastor the Northport Indian UMC in Michigan.

As RainSong we also have a few events coming up this Spring!

March 8-11 – we are in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix Area).

March 12 – join us at Community of Hope Church in Maricopa for two morning services 9:30 and 11:00am.

March 13-17 We will be teaching at the YWAM Tribal Winds Discipleship Training School in Flagstaff AZ.

March 19 – Creator’s Fellowship, Church Rock, NM. 11:00am.

April 20-22 RainSong will be teaching and sharing our music and storytelling at the 12 Annual Native American Gathering at the Life Enrichment Center in the Leesburg Florida Area.

First Nations Version

We are making good progress on the First Nations Version please visit our website for the ongoing progress or to donate.


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