We Believe

Painting by Leo Man (Navajo)

The Story We Believe…

Our Great Father and Creator, the One Above Us All, made all things in the world above and the earth below.

Creator Sets Free (Jesus), the only Son who fully represents Creator, was fathered by the Holy Spirit and was born into this world through a virgin named Bitter Tears {Mary}.

After being betrayed by his own tribal people, he was turned over to Spear of the Great Waters (Pontius Pilate) a ruler of the Roman people, who had him nailed to a tree pole, the cross, where he suffered bled and died.

He was buried and then went down to the world of the dead.

On the third day, he came back to life, never to die again.

He returned to his Father in the spirit-world above and sat down at his powerful right hand. One day he will return to this earth to make the final decision about the fate of the living and the dead.

Creator Sets Free (Jesus), after he went to the spirit-world above, sent the Holy Spirit to us from the Father, to live in and through us.

There is only one holy and world-wide group of believers in Creator Sets Free (Jesus)—a Sacred Family—called his Church. All of the Great Spirit’s holy people sit together equally in this Family and share his Sacred Food at his table.

He has forgiven us and set us free from all of our broken ways, and all who trust in him, even though they cross over to death, will be brought back to life again, to a life that never fades away, full of beauty and harmony.

Aho and Amen.

(The above is Adapted from the Apostles Creed)

The Sacred Book—tells us that there is only one Great Spirit who is the Creator of all things seen and unseen. In his great unity, he has revealed himself as three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

As Father—He is the originator of everything.

As Son—He has always existed and is the image of the invisible Creator. He came from the Father and was born into this world as a true human being. He was given the name Jesus, which simply means Savior. He defeated the powers of darkness, who ruled the nations of this world, through His death on the tree-pole, the cross. His life-blood poured out on the cross, purifies our hearts and minds, and heals our broken ways. He defeated death by rising from the dead after three days and then He returned to the Father above to sit at his powerful right hand.

As Holy Spirit—Creator ‘breathes’ His breath into us and pours His love into our hearts, to give us the strength we need to live in the way of Jesus and have the life of the world to come, full of beauty and harmony. The Holy Spirit is the invisible presence of both the Father and the Son, who takes up residence in all who put their trust in Jesus. He renews in us the spiritual powers and gifts needed to help us heal the sick and set free the ones who have been bound by the accuser Satan. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father and the Son.

The Good Road (The Kingdom of God)—Creator Sets Free (Jesus) suffered under our bad hearts and broken ways and bore the brunt of humankind’s violent and evil ways. All the worthless ways of this world were exposed and put to death in Creator Sets Free (Jesus)—the old creation died in him—all the way back to the first humans, Red Clay (Adam) and Life Bearer (Eve). In his resurrection Creator Sets Free (Jesus) was the firstborn of a new creation, restoring human beings back to Creator’s original purpose. Since then there has been a new way of thinking and walking in the light of this new creation, a new kind of government—one of righteousness and justice. This is the kingdom of God, or you might call it Creator’s good road. When Creator Sets Free (Jesus) returns he will bring this good road to its completion in all of creation. All who walk in the way of Creator Sets Free (Jesus) will receive immortal bodies, and there will be a new heavens and a new earth where death is no more. In the meantime he is ruling the nations from the spirit-world above (heaven) by his Spirit that is at work on the earth through his Sacred Family—the Church; the ones who have been called out from the worthless ways of this world and into his ways of justice, peace, and joy.

The Sacred Book—called the Holy Bible is a collection of Sacred Teachings gathered together over many thousands of years from the beginning of History. It tells Creator’s story from the perspective of the Jewish people, beginning from the creation of the world. It consists of the ancient Sacred Writings preserved by the Jewish people—commonly known as the Old Testament.

The Sacred Book also contains the writings about Jesus’ life and teachings and the lives and teachings of the first and closest followers of Jesus. All who follow the Jesus Way agree that these writings are inspired by the Creator, commonly known as the New Testament.

This Sacred Book, also known as ‘The Holy Bible’, as interpreted by Jesus and his first followers, is the foundation of all we believe, practice, and teach.

All the Sacred Teachings come from the breath of the Great Spirit and help us to teach others about Creator’s ways. They help us correct wrong thinking and bring lives into balance. They show the good and right way to walk the road of life. In this way, those who walk with the Great Spirit will have everything that is needed to do good things for others.”  2 Timothy 3:16-17 — First Nations Version.

As Human Beings—we are all small and weak. We don’t have the strength to walk the good road on our own.

Creator knows that our hearts are twisted together with good and evil and that we all have failed to live the life of beauty and harmony He wants for us. He knows our greatest enemy is ourselves, and that left to ourselves we will all walk the road that leads to death, both spiritual and physical.

But Creator loves us so deeply that He gifted us with His Only Born Son to rescue us from the dark path of death. He sent Him to bring to us the life of the world to come, full of beauty and harmony.  This life is like a light shining in the darkness. It is the light of Jesus, and when we trust in and walk with Him we will no longer stumble in the darkness.

Creator wants us to see that we can’t walk the Good Road on our own. He wants us to receive the gift of life, His Son. It is the life of the world to come, that never fades away, full of beauty and harmony.  If we will turn from our own path, return to Creator’s path, and believe that the Great Spirit raised Jesus from the dead, we will be on the Good Road of the Creator.