GSCoverShadowThe Great Story from the Sacred Book  is a retelling of the story of the Bible in English using a style of speaking familiar with Native North Americans.

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Sample – Ultimate Sacrifice

This is a condensed version of the Biblical narrative told in First Nations Storytelling style with Cedar flutes in the background blended with drums, rattles, and a sound-scape of Earth tones. It is also available for purchase or download on CD Baby where you can listen to samples.

Awarded “Best Spoken Word” at the 11th Annual Native American Music Awards 2009

Because of repeated requests Terry has begun a new First Nations Version Project. It is a paraphrase of the four Gospels combined into one story. This will be more than a retelling, it will be a paraphrase translation verse by verse. After the Gospels are done Terry plans to complete the rest of the New Testament.

FNV-first_nations_version Logo 1Here is a sample from the Book of Hebrews Chapter 1, Verses 1-3

Long ago, in many ways and at many times, the Great Spirit spoke to our ancestors through holy-men and prophets. But now, in these last days when everything is to come full circle, He has spoken to all people through His Son—the One He has chosen to give all things to.

It is through His Son that the Great Spirit made the world that is, the world that was, and the one that is coming. He is the light shining from the Great Spirit’s face and represents Him in every way.

It is His powerful Word that holds the stars above, the earth below, and all things seen and unseen, in their place. He came into this world to perform a once for all ceremony that only He could perform, to purify us from our bad hearts and wrongdoings. When He was finished He returned to the One above us all to sit at the right hand of the Great Mystery.

© 2012 Terry M. Wildman