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“Terry writes of a justice long denied, not only for Native peoples who have suffered the loss of lands, livelihood, and life as the American empire spread across the continent, but also for those who struggle for life and liberty to this very day. Like the prophets of Israel, he seeks to correct our eyesight—to set before us God’s vision and God’s truth and to expose things that we, the American church, would rather not see about ourselves. Like the biblical prophets, he shoulders a burden that he bears out of love for God, the people of God, and the nation. Terry knows what God’s ancient messengers knew, that right remembering is essential for right believing and right living. He not only sees the past well, he knows how to read the present and direct us into God’s future.”

Professor L. Daniel Hawk

Professor L. Daniel Hawk

L. Daniel Hawk

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Ashland Theological Seminary

Author of Joshua in 3-D: A Commentary on Biblical Conquest and Manifest Destiny

“This book is a call for Christians to respond to injustice with the heart and lifestyle of restoration and redemption by helping create a new and better future. Not one born of guilt and shame, but mercy, repentance, forgiveness and love—notable signs of those who claim to follow Jesus–I hope you can hear the call!”

Dr. Richard Twiss

Richard Twiss

Dr. Richard Twiss, D.Miss.

Sicangu Lakota

President, Wiconi International

Author of One Church, Many Tribes


I am an Odawa/Lakotah Elder and a minister, writer, storyteller, Native Artisan, singer, guitar and flute player and a presenter regarding the issues of historical trauma that continue to plague our Native populations. At one time I was considered one of a very few who worked as a counselor and consultant in the field of historical trauma residuals. I was privileged to meet Terry and his lovely wife, Darlene, a couple of years ago and we have remained in contact since. I was aware at the time that Terry was writing a book and even heard excerpts from it when we met. Now, to have the finished work I consider it a great advance in presenting what the issues are. It is a promotion in the effort to address history from a Native’s perspectives.This book will be an addition to any library and will help every human being better understand what Native people experienced and how we perceive American history. “Sign Language: A Look at the Historic and Prophetic Landscape of America” is one of the finest pieces I have read. It is prophetic in the sense of the book’s arrival at this time in our history.

Warren Petoskey

Warren Petoskey

Odawa/Lakota Elder

Author of Dancing My Dream