Redigging the Wells Sept 15th

RainSong has been invited to lead a time of worship at this 12 hour historic event, Sept 15th, in Birmingham Alabama!

Mark your calendars… come if you can… pray if you can’t!

Join RainSong along with many others at this historic event!

On Sep. 15th, 2012 – 12 Noon to 12 Midnight, thousands will converge at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama to “Re-dig the Wells of Revival” in united prayer and worship, for reconciliation, redemption and transformation in Alabama and across the nation. This is a multi-racial, cross-denominational gathering celebrating the power of the blood of Jesus over every injustice in our land.

REDIGGING THE WELLS is a movement for releasing justice in Jesus name to a new generation. Regional spiritual transformation involves healing generational wounds and renewing generational covenants to move cultures forward with biblical Kingdom values under the leadership of Jesus.  Corporate prayer gatherings at key places, at key times, with key people bring reconciliation and redemption for transformation.

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