RainSong and Native InterVarsity

Dear Friends of RainSong. Rain Ministries is partnering with Native InterVarsity. Terry is the new Director of Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development on a national level for Native IV. Terry is serving on a volunteer basis and all our support is being raised through Rain Ministries.

Terry will be mentoring many of the young Native staff that lead discipleship groups with Native students on campuses across Turtle Island (U.S.) and Hawaii.

Right now, because of COVID, everything is being done through Zoom, online. Terry has been mentoring several Native staff and some students since June 2020. When travel opens up in the future, both Terry and Darlene will be traveling to visit staff and campuses. Click Here to learn more.

We will also be available to share our music and storytelling as RainSong. Now that the FNV Translation is in the hands of InterVarsity Press, we are looking forward to being on the road again. Please prayerfully consider supporting us monthly as we serve the current and future leaders of Native America.

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