RainSong on the Road Again!

RainSong plans to spend this Summer of 2012 primarily in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

On the way from Arizona we plan to stop at a few places to share our music and storytelling. We hope to arrive in Fort Wayne Indiana by May 25th.

Rolling Thunder our Home Away from Home

The following weekend we will be at the Miami Nation Gathering and Powwow.  We will open this gathering with a concert on Friday evening June 1st. Gates open at 6:00pm concert about 7:00pm. Location near Rockville Indiana.

We are still putting together a summer schedule and are open to invitations. In the past we have had to spend a short time with folks, but hopefully we can go a little deeper and stay a little longer with those who would like that.

Then sometime in August we plan to begin driving back to Arizona to base ourselves there for the winter with ministry in Arizona, New Mexico, and California.

This doesn’t mean we can’t be anywhere else this Summer, as we have been invited to go to the Pine Ridge Reservation in July.