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Creation Speaks

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Creation Speaks is a Musical and Visual Journey where you will experience the wonder and awe of the Creator as revealed in the wildlife and landscape of Alaska.

Music from RainSong’s CDs along with the original videos from Alaska Nature Scapes combine in a breathtaking panorama that will inspire your imagination and captivate your spirit. Filmed and presented in high quality video.

Songs include: Grandfather’s Truth, Sacred Place, Blessing Ways, On Eagle’s Wings, Sacred Warrior Remix, Rivers of Destiny, Gotta Get Away, All Colors Together, Holy is the Lamb, Sunset, Chief Joseph’s Lament, and Don’t Let the Fire Die.

A New Conversation

Pray, attend or both!

Join us in Washington DC as we gather with our Navajo friend Mark Charles from Ft. Defiance Arizona. This is not about a particular brand of politics. It isn’t really even a political statement.

It is simply a response to the apology the US Government stated but never made public and an invitation to take this conversation further–to the people!

RainSong is coming, not to do a concert, but to stand with our brothers and sisters in this important event.

Please view the video below for an amazing look into the heart of Mark Charles and his motives for this gathering.



Home at Last!

We are finally home in Arizona. We arrived about a week ago and then went on a small trip to Mexico with our local church group this last weekend.

When we are home we attend the Community of Hope church and are actively involved in a home group and in helping build bridges with the church and the Native Community.

It was a long and fruitful Summer as we shared our music and storytelling in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Alabama–7 States.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all your prayers and financial support. It is because of help from our friends and family, under God’s provision, that we are able to continue to travel and share the Good News of Jesus and help tear down the walls that separate our peoples.

Continue to pray for us as we enter this season of being home in Arizona and ministering locally. We will be working on our recording projects also.

Be watching for the new project “Creation Speaks” coming soon!

Miigwech Bizandowiyeg (thank you for listening).


Almost Home!

The Desert Wind – Navajo BIC Mission

It has been almost 5 months since we hit the road back on May 5th. We are road weary and ready to enjoy our home in Maricopa Arizona. We should be home by Sept 28th. Yeeeaaahhh!


Tonight we are at the Navajo BIC Mission in New Mexico about 30 miles South of Bloomfield.

On Friday 6pm we will share our music and storytelling with the local community including Navajos from the area.

On Monday and Tuesday Terry will speak at the Overcomers school, a drug and alcohol treatment and discipleship program. Four Navajo men are currently in the three month long voluntary program.

On Tuesday morning RainSong will share at the Nizhoni school with 12 students from the local community.

Oasis Church 1601 N. Dustin Farmington, NM 87401


Sept 23rd on Sunday evening 6pm RainSong will be in Concert at the Oasis Church in Farmington. We are looking forward to reconnecting with Pastors Randy and Emmet and the church family there.


Then on Sept 26th Wednesday afternoon 3pm we will be sharing our music and storytelling again at the Sun Valley Indian School near Holbrook AZ. We had a great time there back in May and are looking forward to seeing the students, their parents and the staff again.

The Warriors

The Justice Gate – Birmingham – Sept 15th -11am to 11pm

Redigging the Wells 11:00am to 11:00pm Railroad Park in Birmingham Alabama.

At 2:30pm RainSong will be leading worship for the Restoring Honor to the Native Americans portion of this event along with Sacred Thunder Drum. Also prayer leader Rita Bear Gray.

(For those marching to Railroad Park from the place of the 1963 Klan bombing.)
10:00 – Worship begins at the Kelly Ingram Park Bandshell – Kelly Mitchell Worship Team
11:00 – The Procession Vision – Paul Hughes
11:15 – Moving into position – Banners, drummers, dancers, marchers, horses
11:30 – Procession begins
Noon – Procession arrives at Railroad Park
10:00 – Jonathan Newman Worship Team
11:00 – Laura Hackett Worship Team
Noon – Procession arrives, dancers, 49 shofars blown
12:15 – Opening Prayer and Introduction – RDW Leaders
12:30 – Remembering September 15, 1963 – Demetrics Roscoe, Bernardine Layton
1:15 – Call to the Cross of Jesus – Jim Lowe
1:30 – Corporate Confession – Thomas Wilder
1:45 – Father’s Blessing – Calvin Woods/Negiel Bigpond/Jack Downey2:00 – Offering and Choir w/Daniel Cason
2:15 – Preparing the Battle field – Paul Hughes
2:30 – Restoring Honor to the Native American – RainSong-Sacred Thunder Drum-Rita Bear Gray
3:30 – Contending for the African-American Destiny – Will Ford
4:30 – Ending the Genocide of Abortion – Jim Pinto
5:30 – Turning the Tide of Sexual Rebellion – Paul Hughes
6:00 – Contending for Spiritual Awakening in Alabama – Kyle Searcy
7:00 – Building a 24/7 Furnace of Corporate Prayer and Worship
7:45 – Caleb Hughes Worship Team
8:15 – Excellence of Jesus – Allen Hood
9:00 – Prayers for Spiritual Awakening in a New Generation – Chosen
9:30 – Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem
9:45 – Declarations over Birmingham, Alabama, and America – Paul Hughes/Kyle Searcy/Doug Stringer
10:00 – Laura Hackett Worship Team w/ Chosen and Blessed Hands
11:00 – Jubilee -50 Shofars blown. A New Birmingham begins!

RainSong: Upcoming Events 2012

It has been an eventful summer and things are finally slowing down a little for us. We are taking this time to catch up on some needed work and focus on upcoming projects.

Terry is in the midst of the design process for the packaging of a New DVD Music Video–to be released later this year. We will soon reveal more information on this exciting project that has been in the works for almost 4 years!

Friday August 10th Terry will be attending a training seminar for educators being offered by the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe a the Zibiwing Center. The seminar trains educators with the tools and information needed to present to the public information regarding the Residential Indian Boarding Schools and their impact upon Native Americans today.

Here are some of the soon to come events for RainSong…

4700 East Beltline Ave, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Sunday August 19th during the morning 10:00am service at Vineyard North Church RainSong will be sharing our music and storytelling and Terry will be bringing the message. We are looking forward to re-connecting with our long time friends there. In 2003 the Vineyard hosted a significant 2 day conference, Living in Color, led by Terry and Darlene, that introduced the church community to Native Speakers and the history of the local Native Americans. Years ago Terry was one of the staff pastors for this church.

Adado Riverfront Park, Lansing MI

Saturday August 25th, Lansing Bless Fest, about 3:30pm. RainSong will be providing an hour of music and storytelling about 3:30pm at this Music Festival. From the Bless Fest Website: This Festival will be held at Adado Riverfront Park on August 24th and 25th! EVERYTHING IS FREE!!!! Live music, food, clothing, prayer, kids play area, mother and baby tent and much more! We would love to see you in August at our 7th annual Lansing Bless Fest!!!! For more details please visit us at the link provided.

RainSong will be sharing our Music and Message at this Historic event along with Sacred Thunder Drum

Saturday,September 15th Noon till Midnight. Don’t miss this historic  12 hour gathering at Legion Field in Birmingham Alabama. RainSong has been asked to help lead a 1 hour segment for the Native Americans. along with our friends on the Sacred Thunder Drum from Florida. This is a movement for releasing justice in Jesus name to a new generation. Regional spiritual transformation involves healing generational wounds and renewing generational covenants to move cultures forward with biblical Kingdom values under the leadership of Jesus. Corporate prayer gatherings at key places, at key times, with key people bring reconciliation and redemption for transformation.

Sunday September 16th, Following the above event RainSong along with Sacred Thunder Drum will be having a gathering at the Dooley Ranch, 7100 Cabin Lane, Pinson AL 35126. Tom and Laura Dooley are the hosts.

September 20-24 on our way home to Arizona we plan to stop again at “The Desert Wind” the Navajo BIC mission in New Mexico. Terry will be teaching at the Overcomers Program and RainSong will provide a concert again for the local community. We visited there in May when we left on this trip.

Sunday, September 23rd, 6pm at The Oasis Church, 1601 N. Dustin Suite B, Farmington, NM 87401. RainSong will provide an evening concert along with our Navajo friends Emmet and Debbie Fowler. Emmet is the worship pastor for the church.

Make sure you check our calendar as we often fill in dates not listed here. CLICK HERE FOR OUR CALENDAR.


Still in Michigan

RainSong at the Bradley Indian Mission Church, near Gun Lake Michigan, Sunday July 29th.

After finishing a week of vacation at Silver Lake we are now back to work and still in Michigan. We are staying near Hastings and living in our RV. We home base here to travel locally.

We plan to stay here through August 26th and then we begin a southward journey that will land us in Birmingham Alabama for the “Redigging the Wells” event on September 15th. We hope to be home in Arizona at the end of September.

Make sure you check out our Online Calendar for our schedule.

Last night we reconnected with Ray and Carol Befus, Pastors from Vineyard North in Grand Rapids Michigan. Years ago Terry was one of the staff pastors there. We had a friendly gathering at their home for those interested in Native Ministry. Our friends Mike Peters and Kelly Ellis of 4Fires Ministry joined us there also. We will be leading the entire service at Vineyard North on August 19th at 10:00am.

Next Friday Terry will be attending a training seminar for educators being offered by the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe a the Zibiwing Center. The seminar trains educators with the tools and information needed to present to the public information regarding the Residential Indian Boarding Schools and their impact upon Native Americans today.

Thank you for your financial support and prayers!

RainSong will be sharing our Music and Message at this Historic event September 15th. Click on the image for more info.

Indian River Michigan

Michigan Tribes

Today we are writing you from Indian River Michigan where we are staying next to the Strait Gate House of Prayer in a cottage owned by Robin and Cindy Batchelor. Cindy is the director and has helped us facilitate many meetings here. We have been coming to this area of Michigan for 12 years now, working to build relationship between the churches of the area and the Native Peoples who live here.

This Sunday we will be sharing our music and message at Freedom House Ministries, 6429 M66, Charlevoix, MI 49720, at 10:00am reconnecting with our friends Pastor Paul and Connie Bradley, Dan and Sherry Zipp and others.

Then at 5:00pm this Sunday we will also share at the Greensky Hill Indian Mission 08484 Greensky Hill Road, Charlevoix, MI. There we will reconnect with Pastor Tim Wright and others.

We have been in Michigan now since July 3rd after our two weeks in Ohio. We plan to stay in Michigan for most of the Summer. Make sure you check out our calendar to keep up with our travels.

Just yesterday we attended the Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Tribe’s fish fry–held at the Strait Gate House of Prayer. Terry was able to meet the new Tribal Chairman and had a good talk with him. It was some good food and fellowship.

You might want to check out some recent photos from our visit to the New Jerusalem Church last Sunday. Click here to view them.

Our time with the Victory Biker Church was great as the Holy Spirit touched hearts and minds. We have made some great new friends here in Michigan who have a real heart for our Native Peoples.

Miigwech (Thank you) for your prayers and support.



Ashland Friends

We have had a busy couple of weeks as we have connected with friends in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. We returned to Heartland Church on June 3rd following the Miami Nation Powwow. What a great morning reconnecting with friendships made in the last 5 years!

On Friday June 8th we rejoined the Ann Arbor Lighthouse for an evening of Music and Storytelling. It was a sobering evening as Terry shared his heart regarding our visit to the Mt. Pleasant Boarding School for the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe’s day of Honoring, Healing and Remembering.

We took some personal time on Sunday June 10th to attend the open house of two of our Grandchildren for their High School Graduation.

We visited our friends at 4Fires Ministry led by Mike Peters in Grand Rapids on the following Wednesday.

Then on to Ohio where we did some follow up gatherings from the April visit to Ashland University and Seminary. Ashland UMC hosted us for an evening concert and then for their entire Sunday morning service. A time of Q and A was held after the service on Sunday and about 25 folks stayed to dig deeper into ways to bring healing and reconciliation.

RainSong Calendar

On Monday we shared our Music and Story telling at the Native American Indian and Veterans Center in Norton OH. There was a good community turnout with Native and Non-natives present.

On Wednesday we provided a Community Concert at the Menwa Apartments in Wadsworth OH. It was great sharing our Music with all the Elders present. We want to thank our friend Ken Brandes of Recon Ministries (who works there) for connecting us with so many places here in Ohio. We are staying with Ken and his wife Geo while were are here.

Be sure to click on our calendar for more of our schedule—->