Ten Little Indians


Pastor Terry trying to look Dignified

Northport Indian UMC

Have you been wondering what RainSong has been up to lately? Lots! Terry, with the help of Darlene, is now the Pastor of Northport Indian UMC near Traverse City Michigan. We have settled into our home there, and are planting our feet in North West Michigan, to invest our lives in local ministry with a First Nations (Native American) community.

We recently introduced ourselves at the council meeting of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Each council member was given a gift, and we shared our desire to build a bridge of friendship between the Tribe and the Church. We were very well received and the video was posted on the tribal website. Pray for us as we continue this part of our journey of faith.

Ten Little Indians Do A Big Thing


First Nation Translators with Wycliffe Associates in Orlando Florida

As Rain Ministries we have also been deeply involved in a project that may touch the lives of millions of our First Nation/Native American people who live on Turtle Island (North America).

In September Ten Little Indians came together from ten tribes to launch this project. Navajo, Ojibwe, Kiowa, Potawatomi, Blackfeet, Wasco, Cherokee, Pawnee, Kalispel, and Creek were all represented. It was a great week of training, learning and translating.

We are now beginning the second phase of the FNV project. On November 1-14 a group of 10 to 12 First Nations people will come together in Calgary Canada for a two-week session. On the first week, half the group will meet to establish key words and terminology, then move into translating the Gospels. The second week the other half of the group will come and partner with the first group to move into Acts and the letters.

Here is a promotional letter explaining the project.

The First Nations Version Project

An exciting new Bible translation project has just launched—by First Nations People, for First Nations People!

Although it will be in English, it is unique—designed to touch the hearts of the seven million First Nations People living across North America. Many have lost the fluency of their mother tongue due to regrettable government assimilation policies, and now use English as their first language. Despite this loss, they have retained their traditional way of thought and speech through an oral story-telling fashion, with its simple beauty and profound imagery.

OneBook of Canada, with the help of Wycliffe Associates, is partnering with Rain Ministries of the US to develop the First Nations Version (FNV) of the New Testament. We seek to bring alive the good news of the Gospel in the style of the First Nations People and encourage them to integrate their Christian faith with their cultural world-view.

Our goal is to have 15 to 25 Native North Americans come together using a group method of translation that increases accuracy and church ownership while enhancing translation speed. Each participant in the translation process believes the Bible to be inspired by God and authoritative in the Church. To insure a high quality translation, the text produced will be checked and refined by one or more reviewing councils, that will include some who are proficient in Hebrew and Greek.

Distribution will be done through churches, Bible colleges, bookstores and online. Furthermore, a digital version of the FNV, for devices such as smartphones, will be produced, and an oral version is already in the planning stages.

Michigan Move

mapMoving to Michigan
The Land of the Anishinaabek

For the past 15 years Terry and Darlene Wildman have been visiting the Northwestern area of the lower peninsula of Michigan, building relationships with some local churches, houses of prayer, and the Grand Traverse Bay Band and Little Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. Over the past two summers RainSong shared our music and storytelling and helped lead the camp-meetings at all three Indian Mission churches in the Grand Traverse Bay area.

RainSong has been traveling full time for over 10 years now, sowing seeds of healing an reconciliation as we have visited state after state crisscrossing this great continent.  After much recent prayer we felt a growing desire to focus our ministry on a more local level, living close to a Native community, and investing in relationships on an ongoing basis.

This past January we felt led to make a trip to the Grand Traverse Bay area of Michigan and reconnect with the churches, tribal centers, house of prayer and friends in the area. We discovered that the pastor of the Northport United Methodist Indian mission was retiring, and some of our friends thought we should pray about pastoring that church. After more prayer and waiting on Creator, we felt the desire to press forward and explore the possibility of pastoring again.

Long story, short, we met with Anita Hahn, the Grand Traverse District Superintendant of the West Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church, to explore possibilities. And now, after 3 months of prayer and waiting on our Creator, we have accepted a pastorate at the Northport UMC Indian Mission, beginning this summer–July 1st 2015.

Since this is a part-time pay position, we will still need the financial support from those who have been so gracious to us in the past. The greatest part of our support has always come from our travels, and now our traveling will be greatly reduced (only 8 weeks out of the year), we will need to supplement what the church is able to give us with your support.

We have already sold our home in Arizona. It sold quickly and at full asking price! We packed our U-haul on May 2nd and moved our household into a storage unit near Suttons Bay Michigan. We will return to Arizona on May 17th  to close on our house, pick up the RV and Jeep and begin a ministry trip that will take us through Minnesota and Wisconsin on our way to Michigan. We plan to live in our RV for the summer as we look for a new home. During the Month of June we will be sharing our music and storytelling on June 26-28th at the Sing to the Mountains Music Festival in North Carolina and July 23-25 at the Wiconi Family Camp and Powwow in Oregon.

Song of the Bluebird

SOBBSong of the Bluebird – New Release!add-to-cart-button-new

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10 instrumental songs!

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Featuring Darlene Wildman on the Cedar Flutes.

Everywhere we go as RainSong people tell us how moved and touched they are by Darlene’s flute playing. On a few occasions people told us they had been physically healed by God when she played the flute over them.

Click on the image to the right and you will see the interior and the CD disc art on a video presentation.

Here are some samples from 4 of the songs…


Song of the Bluebird

Waves in the Desert

Dance of the Hummingbirds


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Merry Christmas as we celebrate the Birth of Jesus!


Rising Sun

Rising Sun


Rise Up and Dance


Hoop of Life

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Great Story


RainSong has a new Youtube Video based on the Birth of the Chosen One and the song When the Creator Came Down. Check it out!

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Birth of the Chosen One

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Birth of the Chosen One is a book for children of all ages. Beautifully illustrated by Cherokee artist Ramone Romero. Retold for all English speaking First Nations Peoples and for all who want to hear the story again from a fresh perspective.

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When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us

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When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us continues beyond the birth story and tells the Gospel Story as a single narrative for First Nations people and all who love the story of Jesus. This book will take you on a refreshing journey into the Gospels.

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Creator Came Down

We are celebrating the release of Birth of the Chosen One by giving away a brand new Christmas song–Creator Came Down! Terry was inspired to write this song after finishing Birth of the Chosen One.

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A First Nations Version Book

A First Nations Version Book

Birth of the Chosen One is still available for purchase. Help support the First Nations Version Project!

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Your purchase of Birth of the Chosen One helps support the First Nations Version Project.


Indian LIfe and Birth of the Chosen One

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Great News! Indian Life Newspaper, based in Manitoba Canada, has published a portion of the story, Birth of the Chosen One, in their November/December issue.

Indian Life has published their paper since 1979. Sharing Jesus in a culturally sensitive way.

A few years ago Indian Life published a companion booklet for our CD “The Great Story from the Sacred Book.”

Please consider visiting their Facebook Page and clicking the like button!

Here is a picture of the page from the Indian Life Newspaper.

Indian Life Newspaper

Indian Life Newspaper



New Book Release – Birth of the Chosen One!

A First Nations Version Book

A First Nations Version Book

We created Birth of the Chosen One as a beautiful, hardcover book, with full color illustrations. It is the story of the birth of Jesus retold by Terry M. Wildman, for children of all ages.

This is the first book of the First Nations Version Project.

Your purchase of this book will help support this project and bring it into reality.

This story is retold verse by verse, directly from the Sacred Book, combining Matthew and Luke’s stories into one narrative.

The next goal of this project is to combine the 4 Gospels into a singe storyline of the life of Creator’s Son, Jesus. It will be called “When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us.”

We are asking our friends and supporters to purchase one or more copies of Birth of the Chosen One in support of this project.

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This book is illustrated with many beautiful paintings from the artist Ramone Romero of Cherokee and Aztec ancestry. He lives in Osaka Japan with his wife and 2 children.

Here are a couple of the illustration samples…