Creator Came Down

We are celebrating the release of Birth of the Chosen One by giving away a brand new Christmas song–Creator Came Down! Terry was inspired to write this song after finishing Birth of the Chosen One.

You can listen to the song and download it FREE. Yes! We are giving away this song free. Our gift to you!

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A First Nations Version Book

A First Nations Version Book

Birth of the Chosen One is still available for purchase. Help support the First Nations Version Project!

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Your purchase of Birth of the Chosen One helps support the First Nations Version Project.


Indian LIfe and Birth of the Chosen One

19.95 + 3.50 S&H in the continental U.S.

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Great News! Indian Life Newspaper, based in Manitoba Canada, has published a portion of the story, Birth of the Chosen One, in their November/December issue.

Indian Life has published their paper since 1979. Sharing Jesus in a culturally sensitive way.

A few years ago Indian Life published a companion booklet for our CD “The Great Story from the Sacred Book.”

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Here is a picture of the page from the Indian Life Newspaper.

Indian Life Newspaper

Indian Life Newspaper



New Book Release – Birth of the Chosen One!

A First Nations Version Book

A First Nations Version Book

We created Birth of the Chosen One as a beautiful, hardcover book, with full color illustrations. It is the story of the birth of Jesus retold by Terry M. Wildman, for children of all ages.

This is the first book of the First Nations Version Project.

Your purchase of this book will help support this project and bring it into reality.

This story is retold verse by verse, directly from the Sacred Book, combining Matthew and Luke’s stories into one narrative.

The next goal of this project is to combine the 4 Gospels into a singe storyline of the life of Creator’s Son, Jesus. It will be called “When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us.”

We are asking our friends and supporters to purchase one or more copies of Birth of the Chosen One in support of this project.

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There is still time to order and receive your copy before Christmas.

This book is illustrated with many beautiful paintings from the artist Ramone Romero of Cherokee and Aztec ancestry. He lives in Osaka Japan with his wife and 2 children.

Here are a couple of the illustration samples…



Welcome to RainSong’s Website

Boozhoo Niijii (Welcome Friend)

RainSong – Terry and Darlene Wildman

We hope you will enjoy visiting our website.

We made this site to better communicate who we are and the vision Creator has called us to.

We want to connect with those who share a similar vision and to provide resources and inspiration.

Sharing the Good News of Creator’s Son through our music and storytelling continues to be our passion and pleasure!

On the many pages here you will find us sharing our hearts and making the vision as clear as we can so that those who read can run with it!

Visit our First Nations Version Project page to learn about the Retelling of the Story of Jesus in the style of First Nations People. This is our current project!

You can purchase our Music and Books at our Webstore. Also First Nations style flutes are available, these are the same flutes Darlene plays on our CDs and live events.

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Boozhoo… Welcome!


Eighth Annual Native American Gathering

RainSong will be the Guest Speakers and Music/Worship Leaders

at the

Eighth Annual Native American Gathering

April 12 – 14, 2013


Following Jesus in our Culture

Life Enrichment Center Fruitland Park, Florida near Leesburg

Emcee: Dock Green Silverhawk

Host Drum: Sacred Thunder Drum


Registration Deadline is April 1st

To Register or for more info contact:

Vickie Swartz at 941-544-6951

Trade Blanket Friday Night after the Meeting

Social Stomp Dance Saturday Night

Workshops during the day on Saturday

A loom beading workshop

Flute making and playing workshops

Finger weaving workshop

Storytelling Workshop by Terry Wildman

Sponsored by The Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM), The American Indian Christian Circle of Thonotosassa, FL, All Nations Native Ministries of Sarasota, FL, Inter-tribal Cultural Society, Plant City FL, Sacred Circle Gathering, Auburndale FL, Alter Life Ministry, Thonotosassa, FL and The American Indian Christian Circle of Lake County, Mascotte, FL.

A New Project for a New Year!




A Re-telling of the Sacred Scriptures for Native Americans and all English speaking First Nations People! 


FNV Page



The idea for this project began in 2002 while Darlene and I lived on the Hopi Indian reservation in Northern Arizona. We were looking for ways to tell the story of the Bible to Native Americans, in a culturally relevant context. After a season of research, we were convinced that no one had yet attempted this.

Further research discovered that even though a few Bible printing organizations had put “Indian” covers and art on “easy to read” Bible versions, no one had made any English speaking translations specifically aimed at Native peoples. We found the very small print and formatting in these bibles made it difficult to read for many of the men in our drum circle gatherings.

With this in mind, I began to write a condensed version of the Bible story. This was done with feedback from Native American Christian leaders and others. The result was our CD The Great Story from the Sacred Book. The feedback we have received from this CD has been overwhelmingly positive from Natives and non-natives alike.

Support the First Nations Version Project

Support the First Nations Version Project

One Native Elder told me, “You say it in English the way we think it in our language”. Another Native Elder said, “If the missionaries had told it to us this way, we would have listened long ago.” The CD also won the Native American Music Award for “Best Spoken Word” in 2009.

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The Conversation Begins!

Mark Charles, Navajo

Mark Charles, Navajo

Today as a Navajo man standing before you, I want to encourage our Native peoples, to not accept this apology. Not out of bitterness, not out of anger, not out of resentment. But out of respect for ourselves, out of respect for Governor Brownback, out of respect for President Obama, and out of respect for our Nation.”

–Mark Charles 12/19/2012


On December 19, 2009 the United States apologized to its Native Peoples—but no one heard it.

Over three hundred million US citizens were apologized for, and don’t even know it.

Nearly five million Native Americans were apologized to, yet only a handful are aware of it.

December 19, 2012 marked the third anniversary of an an “Apology to Native Peoples of the United States” signed by President Obama on December 19, 2009. Among the ironies of this apology, is the fact that it was burried in the US Department of Defense Appropriations Act, H.R. 3326; and the fact that it was never announced, publicized or read publicly by either the White House or the 111th Congress.

On this third anniversary I (Terry Wildman) had the privilege, along with a diverse group of citizens, of participating in a public reading of this apology in front of the US Capitol in Washington DC.

This event was hosted by Mark Charles who lives on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Ft. Defiance Arizona, the son of an American woman of Dutch heritage and a Navajo man. He is a speaker, writer, and consultant, who has been on a journey seeking to understand the complexities of our country’s history regarding race, culture, and faith in order to help forge a path of healing and reconciliation for the Nation.

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“Star of Wonder” by Terry M. Wildman

There is something that amazes me about the Christmas story.

One thing I never grow tired of contemplating.

God humbled himself and became a human being.

The Sacred Book says it like this.

“He became a human being and lived as one of us. We saw how honorable he was, the kind of honor that comes from being an only son to a father, one who is fully trusted and favored.” John 1:14

I am captivated by the implications.

Overwhelmed at the audacity.

Dumbfounded with the sheer implausibility.


the Creator would become a creation.

the Ruler of the universe would become a servant.

the Author would become the story.

the Almighty would become weak.

the Great teacher would become a student.

the Father would become a child.

Immortality would become mortal and the living one—would die.

What a mysterious way for God to show his glory, in the weakness of human flesh!

He came to serve not to be served—the King became a peasant.

When tempted to break his own laws—the law maker became the law keeper.

The One who created human eyes shed human tears.

The Creator bled and died—like a weak human being!

I can’t take it all in—can’t quite get my mind fully around it.

It’s like a “Star of Wonder”!

“Even though he considered himself to be who he was, the Creator, he lowered himself to become a human being, like one of us. He made himself to be a humble servant of all.” Philippians 1: 5-8

“During the days Jesus walked among us as a human being, he prayed to the Great Spirit for help, with tears and loud cries. Creator was the only one who could rescue him from death. His prayer was heard because of his great respect and fear. Even though he was Creator’s son, he still had to learn, through suffering, how hard it is to walk the Good Road.” Hebrews 5:7-8

There are many ways to think about who the Creator is and what he is like.

I have found that seeing God in the face of Jesus—works for me!

That’s how I see Christmas.