Arizona and California

In February RainSong will once again be traveling in Arizona and California. Here are the dates and places we are currently scheduled to share our music and storytelling.

Feb 11th – RainSong will lead worship at Community of Hope in Maricopa Arizona – 3 morning services: 8:30, 9:30, and 11:00am.

Feb 13-15 – Tecate Mexico with missionary Jean E. Fries.

Feb 22-23 – RainSong will be leading worship at the Native American Connection 2018–and yes Darlene will be there (it wouldn’t be RainSong without her!) Click Here or on the poster below for more information.

2018 and Beyond

This year marks 20 years of ministry among our Native American – First Nations people of Turtle Island (America). For the last two and a half years we have been living in Michigan and pastoring half-time at the UMC Indian Mission Church of Northport. The other half of our ministry has been managing the First Nations Version Translation of the New Testament, and occasionally traveling as RainSong.

On November 15th we released the latest publication of the FNV New Testament-Walking the Good Road:The Gospels and Acts with Ephesians. This completes half of the New Testament. This book is available on

As we look ahead to 2018 we will continue to pastor the Northport Church, continue to work on the First Nations Version Translation and travel as RainSong.

Your prayers and financial support are needed and appreciated. 

First Nations Version Progress


We are thrilled to announce that the next print of the First Nations Version New Testament  is now avalable.

This print includes all 4 Gospels, Acts and Ephesians.

Awareness of the FNV is growing and several national organizations are using it in their Bible studies and outreaches with First Nations people.




The First Nations Version of the New Testament is one of the more important developments in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Indigenous peoples to come along in a very long time. To have a version of the Bible that speaks to the inner Native voice is something that will resonate as we share the Good News with our Native brothers and sisters. Lutheran Indian Ministries is proud to attach its name in support of this great work and we are excited to be a part of the team in helping it to get into the hands of Native peoples everywhere.

Tim Young Eagle, Executive Director, Lutheran Indian Ministries

The FNV has quickly become a go to resource for Native InterVarsity across the nation. We are using it in our small group Bible studies and it is influencing the words we choose when we invite students to the full life that Creator Sets Free offers. The word choices of the FNV not only resonate with Native students, but they are offering a fresh hearing of Scripture for non-Natives. For example when we talk about ‘bad hearts’ and ‘broken ways’ people can see that in themselves and others. But when we talk about ‘sin,’ defenses and blinders go up immediately. I would recommend FNV to any Native person who wants to learn more about Jesus and any non-Native person who longs to be able to read scripture with new eyes.

Megan Murdock Krischke, Wyandotte\Cherokee, Native InterVarsity Coordinator, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, USA.


News from the Good Road

Aanii (greetings) from Terry and Darlene Wildman.

We are still walking the Good Road with Jesus, and continue building local relationships as we Pastor the Northport Indian UMC in Michigan.

As RainSong we also have a few events coming up this Spring!

March 8-11 – we are in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix Area).

March 12 – join us at Community of Hope Church in Maricopa for two morning services 9:30 and 11:00am.

March 13-17 We will be teaching at the YWAM Tribal Winds Discipleship Training School in Flagstaff AZ.

March 19 – Creator’s Fellowship, Church Rock, NM. 11:00am.

April 20-22 RainSong will be teaching and sharing our music and storytelling at the 12 Annual Native American Gathering at the Life Enrichment Center in the Leesburg Florida Area.

First Nations Version

We are making good progress on the First Nations Version please visit our website for the ongoing progress or to donate.


Advent: When Creator Came Down

Advent is the time of year we remember and celebrate the time when the Creator Came Down. Jesus was born into this world as a true human being, like one of us. His birth was from the Holy Spirit, but he came into this world in the same way all of us do, through a mother. Lets not forget, this Advent season, the importance of women in Creator’s plan!

We hope you enjoy RainSong’s first Christmas song. The illustrations are from the book Birth of the Chosen One translated into First Nations Style English by Terry M. Wildman and illustrated by Ramone Romero.

Available on Amazon

Remember Rain Ministries and Rainsong as you consider an end of year donation. Your gift will help us continue to reach out with the love of Creator to our Native People of North America. The donate button is on the upper right side of this post! Miigwech (thank you).

First Nations Version: Luke and Ephesians

luke-eph-cover-lowrez-203x300As many of you know, much of our time and energy is being divided between pastoring Northport Indian UMC and the First Nations Version: New Testament.

We are pleased to announce that the Gospel of Luke and Ephesians is now in print and growing in demand.

Checkout our FNV Website for more information.

Please continue to pray for and support this much needed translation.

Looking Ahead in 2016

UMCNativeLogoAs we move forward into 2016 Terry and Darlene will continue to Pastor the Northport Indian UMC North of Traverse City Michigan. We have created a new website for the Church! Click Here for the Website.

rainsongAs RainSong our traveling will be limited this year. If you are interested in booking us make sure you plan well in advance.

The First Nations Version Project that we are leading is creating a lot of excitement and anticipation. Over 35 Native People continue to have input as translators, reviewers, checkers and cultural consultants.

FNV Logo

The First Nations Version Project is a new translation, retelling the story of the Bible, primarily for the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America)

The FNV attempts to capture the clarity and beauty of our Native storytellers, while maintaining accuracy to meaning of Scripture.


Why did OneBook chose to be a part of the FNV translation? from OneBook on Vimeo.


Creator Came Down!

Our Christmas gift to you…

A FREE DOWNLOAD OF CREATOR CAME DOWN Click on “download” on the music player below and when prompted for “name your price” put in “0” (zero) and its yours FREE! Or just click the play button and listen as much as you want.

A First Nations Version Book

A First Nations Version Book

The Gift of Story!

Are you looking for a special gift to give to family and friends? Please consider giving the gift of story!

Your purchase helps support Rain Ministries and the further translation of the entire New Testament in a similar style. Please Click Here for more information about our partnership with OneBook for this project.

Birth of the Chosen One is a hardcover book filled with beautiful full color illustrations and the text is the story of Jesus birth taken from Matthew and Luke, translated in English for First Nations people in the US and Canada. But you don’t have to be First Nations to appreciate it.

CLICK HERE or on the image of the book to learn more, and order your copy now, before the Christmas rush.


Four Gospels ~ One Story

Go further into the story with this book: When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us. All four Gospels blended into one story and retold, verse by verse, with our First Nations people in mind.

CLICK HERE or on the book image for more information, or to order.