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SOBBCoverShadowSong of the Bluebird

On February 14 2015, Valentines Day, RainSong released our newly recorded instrumental CD Song of the Bluebird. This much anticipated CD features Darlene Wildman on the Cedar Flutes. 10 instrumental songs for soaking prayer, meditation and inspiration.


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Released in 2010, twelve songs includes “Chief Joseph’s Lament” and “Blessing Ways”. Nominated for “Best Gospel/Inspirational Recording” at the 12th Annual Native American Music Awards. The flute song “Blessing Ways” was featured on the album “The Color of Hope” which was awarded “Best Compilation Recording” at the 13th Annual Native American Music Awards.

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Songs: 1. Full Circle 2. Hoop of Life 3. Wounded Heart 4. Chief Joseph’s Lament 5. Sets the Captives Free 6. Grandfather’s Truth 7. Rider on a White Horse 8. Blessing Ways 9. Holy Fire 10. Sacred Warrior Remix 11. Great Father’s Lodge 12. Rivers of Destiny

Hoop of Life is also available in digital download. Click ‘buy’ on the player below for purchasing options or the ‘play’ arrow for a free listening sample.


Released in 2007, ten songs and five short stories. Includes “All Colors Together” nominated for the “Song of the Year” and the CD was nominated for “Best Gospel – Inspirational Recording” at the 10th Annual Native American Music Awards.

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Tracks: 1. Lift Up Your Heads  2. Great Spirit Guide  3. Prayer Dance  4. Sacred Place  5. Big Small One  6. Not By Might  7. All Colors Together  8. Humble One  9. Humility  10. Sorrow Becomes Dancing  11. Honored Servant  12. Rise Up and Dance  13. Echoes of Lost Footsteps  14. Fire by Night  15. Gotta Get Away

Rising-Sun-ShadowRISING SUN

Released in 2003, twelve songs including On Eagle’s Wings and Rain Dance. Later released through Sound of America Records as Rising Son, it was nominated for “Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album” in the 47th Annual Grammy Awards and for “Best Gospel/Christian Recording” at the 7th Annual Native American Music Awards.

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Songs: 1. Daybreak 2. On Eagle’s Wings 3. Rising Sun 4. Rain Dance 5. Love Without End  6. No One Like You 7. Trail of Tears 8. Life Giver 9. Season of the Wind 10. Don’t Let the Fire Die 11. Sound of Your Voice 12. Lolma Ta Lau Va


Released in 2008, it was awarded “Best Spoken Word” in the 11th Annual Native American Music Awards. Terry Wildman narrates over a soundscape of earth tones combined with Darlene Wildman on the flute. One of RainSongs most popular CDs for online sales.

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SacredWarriorCDShadowSacred Warrior

$5 Digital download only!

Released in 2002, twelve songs including two Grammy nominated songs Sacred Warrior and Lord of the Dance.

This is RainSong’s first CD recorded while living on the Hopi Indian Reservation. The CD version of this album has been retired and is no longer available.

We now have the digital version available in the highest quality formats.

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Creation Speaks DVD released 2012

A Musical and Visual Journey into the Heart of the Creator

You will experience the wonder and awe of the Creator as revealed in the wildlife and landscape of Alaska. Original videos from Alaska Nature Scapes.

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