Kiowa Friends

Antonia Belindo Kiowa Princess. Click the photo to read more.

The third stop on our Summer Tour was at the Kiowa Tribe in Oklahoma. We reconnected with our friends Barry and Arlene Belindo who are members of the Tribe. It had been over 7 years since we visited there and it was so good to spend time with them and meet more of their friends and family.

On Saturday May 19th we attended a local Powwow with them where we took this photo of the Kiowa Princess!

Yes! Their Daughter Antonia was voted in as the Kiowa Princess recently. This is a role of honor as she represents her people and requires her to be at every local Powwow and to speak publicly on occasion.

Then on Sunday evening we shared our music and storytelling with some of the Belindo’s family and friends. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully that evening and deeply touched all who were there. There were many prophetic words spoken that brought encouragement and renewed hope.

In the future we have been invited back to possibly sing at a Powwow and to share at a local boarding school.


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