Ashland Friends

We have had a busy couple of weeks as we have connected with friends in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. We returned to Heartland Church on June 3rd following the Miami Nation Powwow. What a great morning reconnecting with friendships made in the last 5 years!

On Friday June 8th we rejoined the Ann Arbor Lighthouse for an evening of Music and Storytelling. It was a sobering evening as Terry shared his heart regarding our visit to the Mt. Pleasant Boarding School for the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe’s day of Honoring, Healing and Remembering.

We took some personal time on Sunday June 10th to attend the open house of two of our Grandchildren for their High School Graduation.

We visited our friends at 4Fires Ministry led by Mike Peters in Grand Rapids on the following Wednesday.

Then on to Ohio where we did some follow up gatherings from the April visit to Ashland University and Seminary. Ashland UMC hosted us for an evening concert and then for their entire Sunday morning service. A time of Q and A was held after the service on Sunday and about 25 folks stayed to dig deeper into ways to bring healing and reconciliation.

RainSong Calendar

On Monday we shared our Music and Story telling at the Native American Indian and Veterans Center in Norton OH. There was a good community turnout with Native and Non-natives present.

On Wednesday we provided a Community Concert at the Menwa Apartments in Wadsworth OH. It was great sharing our Music with all the Elders present. We want to thank our friend Ken Brandes of Recon Ministries (who works there) for connecting us with so many places here in Ohio. We are staying with Ken and his wife Geo while were are here.

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