What Others are Saying About RainSong and Rain Ministries



Elder Warren Petoskey Lakota/Odawa

In this age of the fulfillment of prophecy and the many messages that are posted every day, in different kinds of media, there is that clear and certain sound. We who seek to strengthen our relationship with the Creator and increase our understanding and commitment, know we need that clear and certain sound to move forward, as we continue our spiritual journey in this physical experience.

We know that to do this we need those messengers who are dedicated to that purpose and whose ministries reflect their commitment. Terry and Darlene have represented what is authentic and current as they move and minister. Their message and the music they share reflect their dedication to the calling and vocation the Creator has called them to.

We who are Natives and have experienced the ministry they represent have never been the same. They are authentic and fresh every time one chooses to go where they are featured. As a Native elder of Lakota and Odawa descent and have attended the gatherings they were featured in can say from personal experience they bring their gifts with them every time and freely give them. They remind us all they are servants and live the example of what true servants are. If they come to your area or you would consider having them bring their ministry to where you live, I can promise that you and whoever hears them ,will never be the same. Miigwech Terry and Darlene for your commitment to The People.

Elder Warren Petoskey


Dawnland Native Minstries

Dear Servants of the Most High Chief,  Terry and Darlne Wildman,

Paul O'toko

Paul O’toko

It was refreshing, healing and good life perpetuating, having you two, dear brother and sister, with us yesterday. Words are too cheap to convey our deep gratitude to the Creator and Redeemer for allowing you to share with us, His carvings and weavings in and through your lives and services for His kingdom that includes all. Thank you very much for being you and for sharing what’s been entrusted to your stewardship, per our Maker’s design.

For a long time, I have been walking with you on my knees and from a distance. It was of God’s grace that we worshiped together on our feet and in person, yesterday. I am grateful and I am humbled by His faithfulness and loving-kindness.

I continue to pray for Him to bless your obedience and choice to place your trust in Him. And that many more would be set free or strengthened by His raw and graceful Truth. May your future be sustained, guided, and made stronger by His very own unshakable presence. And may His eternal presence continue to be in you, to follow you and go before you, as he leads you through the valley’s of the shadows of death, His indigenous peoples across His north Americas and beyond, stopped walking with Him in…where His stewards are found tired and sitting, by choice or by force…instead of walking with Him…due to surmounting and overwhelming pain of ancient wounds. May He use you to weave, carve and tattoo a story of renewed Hope, in His indigenous peoples, as He uses you to model to them His Redemptive intentions that includes all….I pray.

You are loved and prayed for indeed.

In His Grace

Poli O’toko

Pasadena, California

A friend of mine gave me a copy of your CD Sacred Warrior last night and I just wanted to tell you how moved I was by it. I’ve experienced so much freedom worshipping to your beautiful music. I’ve truly been blessed by it and cannot stop listening! I am so very appreciative of all you are doing for First Nations people. My prayers are with you!

I have to tell you again… I just cannot stop listening to your beautiful worship music. I just get lost in it as I worship. The anointing upon it is so great. I am so very thankful for the gifts Creator Father has given you, for through them I have been so very blessed!!! Words cannot do justice to how I feel! I originally discovered the sound clips from your CD through a posting of Across Turtle Island. I was so moved by them, that I shared it with some friends. And lo! A copy was waiting for me in the mail Tuesday evening from one of the friends I shared the clips with.

Blessings to you!!

Your Jesus friend– Terri Foote-Michigan

August 5th 2009

Tim bio pic -mediumYour ministry at Greensky Hill was wonderful. Your music and storytelling, fueled by Creator’s Spirit,  opened up the lives of those present to receive Jesus’ love in new ways. We will never be the same – Praise God! You are welcome back any time.

May you continually discover the Good  Path of Grandfather as you journey onward.

Chi Miigwetch,

Tim Wright, Pastor,

Greensky Hill Indian Mission

United Methodist Church

August 24th 2008

Dear Terry and Darlene,

Greetings from Flagstaff! I want to tell you that my mother-in-law, Vonda, was healed of her back pain after you prayed for her at the Journey Church. She was the 90 year old who also joined us for lunch at the East Indian restaurant.  She is so happy with no back pain!!  She has been asking our Lord to heal it for along time.

Thank you so much for your hard work and your wonderful ministry! I will keep you in my prayers.

 In His Love and Grace,


May 13th 2008

Dear Terry and Darlene Wildman,

My name is Carol and I am a Metis Christian woman who has been blessed by your CD RainSong…A friend gave it to me….I just wanted to share with you that I have been released to dance and I love to dance and worship my King Jesus….Another Metis woman told me that God instructed her to make me a dancing shawl ….So I dance in church with my shawl…it has an eagle on the back with its wings spread and my steps are natural like a powpow dancer…I Love the Lord and I am glad to meet other Native Christian brothers and sisters.

Be Blessed– Carol

September 15th 2008

Terry and Darlene,

I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for what you brought to my little church and our community. We praised God, we danced and celebrated a new beginning and we had healing of spirit and the physical body. Though I don’t think Hurst was ready for what transpired this week-end it will not prevent me from continuing to gather our people in unity with our Creator and His Son Jesus. It has only inspired me more!

I think the concert was very successful though the crowd was not like I expected, but it is going to take a lot to change the minds of people in this area. But I am leaving that up to God, because with Him all things are possible.

One day soon I want us to meet again my brother, because I have become very close to you and Darlene through your music and our meeting. Our spirits are joined together through everlasting friendship and this bond will never be torn apart. Where ever RainSong goes our prayers and gratitude will be you. And we pray that Creator God will guide you, give you peace and continue to make your ministry grow. When I say I stood in front of greatness I was sincere about this. Look at what you are doing for the kingdom of God! You are joining two cultures together with a native tradition and giving all the glory to God, and you humble yourself in His name. Your music and your ability to bring people together could make you millions, however, you chose to let God lead you and provide. How great is that my brother!!!!

Again thap9_Billiot-Garynk you and may God’s blessing continue to be with you, miigwetch.

Pastor Gary Billiot, Houma Tribe, United Houma Nation

Hurst/Elkville UMC, Hurst Illinois

December 14th 2007


Dear Terry and Darlene,

Hi!  My name is Colleen, and for the past 10 years I have been (in their words) a “community helper” in Pikangikum First Nation, an isolated Ojibwe reserve in northwestern Ontario (I like that term a lot better than missionary!)  A friend of mine from New Life Fellowship in Carlton, MN sent me two of your CDs.  Every time I play “Holy is the Lamb” I am catapulted into high worship.  I teach Bible classes in the community school, and I have used it in my classes. The kids get so peaceful!  Last week I opened our ladies’ Bible study with the song, and the Holy Spirit started moving upon the women, giving them visions.

On Sunday evening, at a house meeting, during Communion I played the song.  There was like a cloud of God’s presence in the room as the four local  leaders of Healing Eagle ministry prayed for individuals.  Oh, what a sweet time!!!

Blessings to you — thank you so much for your ministry to us.


July 24th 2004

Jan MorganDear Terry and Darlene,

Thank you so much for leading us in last nights time of worship. Your worship in music pleases the heart of The Creator and crushes  the rocky spots in our own hearts to be free to worship in Spirit and Truth as He has asked us to. He has created it in you. We await with Godly anticipation for what is next!! Wow!!

Y`eexiwuncha Xesu’usi!!
Let us Praise Jesus  (my Native language Juaneno ; Acjachemen Nation)

Jan Morgan (tribal clan “wolf”)

August 4th 2002


Just wanted to remind you of who I am…..I am the one who is 1/4 Chippewa Indian and was ashamed of the way my ancesters worshiped.  I could hardly talk to you ’cause I was crying. I just want to say (when I ‘m not crying) that you really helped me.  When you talked about how things that the Indians did to worship were the beginnings of what they were supposed to do, if only the first missionaries that came over here would have just finished leading them the rest of the way instead of trying to change everything they had been doing, that released me to be proud of them.  🙂

I started crying when you started to share that and I didn’t quit. When we got home I put your CD in and when the first song started I was starting to cry again. I feel so good about being Indian and a Christian.  My livingroom is full of Indian knick-knacks.  But lots of times I didn’t want anyone to see it.  I know that Indians were really spirtitual people but most of the time I thought they were evil worshipers.  You helped to change my mind.

Thank you……Sandy