Why Support Us?

Donate Button NewThank you for considering supporting Rain Ministries, to help us continue to share the Jesus Way with our Native peoples.

When I donate to Rain Ministries what does my gift support?

We are so glad you asked!

Rain Ministries is a non-profit organization based in Arizona. But we are not just an organization, we are real people working hard to share Creator’s Good News with others.

Terry and Darlene Wildman

Terry and Darlene Wildman are the main directors of Rain Ministries. We have been active in the lives of Native Americans since 1998 and founded Rain Ministries in 2002. We are also accountable to our Board of Directors.

Every year we also travel sharing the good news of Jesus across Indian Country and sometimes beyond to other nations.

Terry is currently working on a translation of the Sacred Scriptures beginning with the story of Jesus from the Gospels, called the First Nations Version Project in partnership with OneBook of Canada, a Bible translation organization, part of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. You can help us find more time to translate and write by becoming a partner and giving monthly.

Your gift also supports our efforts at recording and publishing songs, books, CDs, and DVDs–tools that help us fulfill this calling.

Some of our support comes from love offerings as we travel. About twenty percent comes from the sale of our non-profit related products.

Your monthly support would give us the opportunity to focus on the translation project and travel less while we continue local ministry.

Please prayerfully consider becoming monthly supporters!

Your donation may be tax deductible under the federal laws for 501-c3 organizations. Please contact your tax preparer for how this applies to you.