Back to Arizona

After serving nearly 4 years pastoring the Northport Indian Mission – UMC church in Michigan, Terry and Darlene have returned to Arizona. Pastoring a church and managing the First Nations Version translation became an overwhelming task. As the church grew it became more and more difficult to maintain both ministries. It became clear to us it was time to move on from pastoring and dedicate most of our time to the translation work. Our house in Michigan sold and Creator provided a new Pastor for the Church, so, with a little help from our friends, we packed up our belongings and moved back to Maricopa Arizona.

Terry will be dedicating most of his time to the First Nations Version (FNV) translation, but we will still be traveling from time to time as RainSong, sharing our music and storytelling and info about the FNV.

If you are interested in booking RainSong please contact us for availability.

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